Please note: unfortunately, after a battle with lung cancer, Annie Wealleans passed away on 25th March 2021.

Refunds for any orders made in the meantime will be issued in due course.

Autumn leaves November 21st, 2019

We’re over half way through November and the trees are almost bare here in Wales….there have been chilly winds for the last few days and the leaves have been swirling like confetti.

Seems like the perfect time to tell you about my beautiful and new Chakra Crystalights! A cut crystal glass drop and genuine Chakra gemstones, threaded with the magic of the ancient Celts in a handmade pewter Celtic bead – hanging at the window it will capture the sunlight and scatter glorious rainbows. Who doesn’t love a rainbow?! Did you know that the human body has seven Chakras or energy wheels and each of the genuine gemstones used here relates to one of those power centres? chakra crystalightA Chakra Crystalight will help to keep your space balanced and energized. And if the Chakra isn’t your thing, we make our Original Crystalights with a choice of ten different gemstones….all are lovely for seasonal gifting.

It’s quite hard not to mention Yuletide or Xmas or Christmas or The Holidays or whatever you like to call it at this time of the year. For myself, I rather like “Yule”. The word has Gothic origins, but English speakers are more familiar with Yule as the winter Festival from the Germanic lunar calendar. It was many years before it became the 12 day holiday associated with the feast of the Nativity, after the widespread adoption of Christianity throughout Northern Europe. In my house, we always have a Yule log for the fire, a nice big one so it lasts for many hours. This tradition goes back to medieval times, though in modern households the log now takes the shape of a cake!

A warm Welsh welcome awaits you at, where there are jewellery/gemwaith gift ideas galore…whatever the season. There is something for everyone and to suit every pocket. Or you can even indulge yourself in a special handmade treat.

Enjoy the last few days of November…as the days get shorter and the wind blows colder, let a Chakra Crystalight bring some rainbows and harmony into your life?







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