Please note: unfortunately, after a battle with lung cancer, Annie Wealleans passed away on 25th March 2021.

Refunds for any orders made in the meantime will be issued in due course.

Big Beady Gemstones

We use only genuine gemstones in our boxed beady jewellery range. Each gemstone has a ‘meaning’ or ‘power’, which is written inside the lid of each box. The following gems are usually available:


A clear purple quartz, this was one of the first gems to be discovered by Stone Age Man. A truly semi-precious stone, it is said to have many extraordinary powers – bringing luck, easing pain and inspiring love.


This quartz gem is used as a talisman against depression and to protect one from all ills. It may also quieten a troubled spirit and bring inner strength by helping to focus and direct the will. Let it help you to make wise decisions!



This stone is many millions of years old, takes its name from a cherry and its reddish colour from the sun. A good stone for love and families, it is known as “The Friendly One” and is said to ward off anger, protect against evil and lift the spirits.


This sunshine yellow gem is known as the “Cuddle Quartz” and is a happy stone. It is said to bring a lightness of spirit and an abundance of vital energy. Uplifting and comforting, its golden warmth is also thought to invite prosperity and success to business and relationships.


This rare green marble is 600 million years old and was formed when molten limestone cooled in the rugged Connemara Mountains on the West coast of Ireland. It is said to bring good Irish luck and is a stone of peace and honour, loyalty and friendship.


Garnet is a stone of purity and truth and is often given as a symbol of love and compassion. It is thought to help bring order out of chaos and its fiery colour is said to protect in times of danger, encourage in times of weakness and bring hope in times of despair. It is used here with Hematite to give you courage.


Sometimes known as Indian Jade, this green quartz is known as a “Brain Stone” and has a strong connection with the heart. It is said to give adventure and success in love, life and sport by inspiring independence, well-being and good health.


This veined white stone is known as “The Tranquillity Stone”. Easily dyed, it is famous for imitating other stones but naturally, it is used to eliminate pain, stress and rage with its calming powers. It may also aid concentration, assist memory and help to promote sleep.


This red quartz is known as “The Talisman” and was used as a Sacred Stone because it was thought to possess magical properties and protect one from evil. A good stone for soothing the nerves, it is also said to bring vital energy, fresh ideas and aid recovery from all ills.


This delicate pink gemstone, named after its colour, is known as a “Love Stone”. It is said to emit a powerful energy, gladdening the heart, hastening recovery from all ills and stimulating love, the true force of life.

The flakes in this natural volcanic glass were formed in ancient lava and are said to prepare us for the vital powers of love and beauty. It is known as a “Stone of Purity” and is the yin and yang of the mineral kingdom. It is used here with Hematite to give you courage.


Because its ultramarine colour resembles a starry sky, this rock is known as a “Stone of Heaven” and is said to contain elements which existed before time was born.  It is given as a token of friendship and truth, may be worn to improve memory and is said to encourage harmony.

This lustrous mineral is known as a “Stone of Truth” and is thought to expand awareness and bring harmony. It may also clear the mind and eliminate confusion, alleviate fears and bring a lightness of heart, improve communication and encourage friendship.It is used here with Hematite to give you courage.



A sand coloured quartz, this stone has shone like the sun for millions of years.  It resembles the eye of a cat and is said to improve vision, helping the wearer to think more clearly and with confidence. It is a good stone for the ambitious and may protect against hidden dangers.


This crystallisation of pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz is said to bring an awareness of the “here and now” by coming to terms with the past and accepting the future. It may enrich daydreams, enhance sensitivity, stimulate communication and boost personal power. It is used here with Hematite to give you courage.

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