Please note: unfortunately, after a battle with lung cancer, Annie Wealleans passed away on 25th March 2021.

Refunds for any orders made in the meantime will be issued in due course.

Gemstones – Cwlwm

We only use genuine gemstones in our Cwlwm jewellery. Each gemstone has a ‘meaning’ or ‘power’, which is written on a tag inside the box. The following gemstones are available:

Amethyst is known as “The Elevator” and is often used as an aid to meditation. It is said to have extraordinary powers: soothing the mind, easing pain and inspiring love. Let its gentle hues impart an inner peace and a new clarity to your life.

A good stone for love and families, Carnelian is known as “The Friendly One”. It takes its colour from the sun and its name from a cherry. We hope that it will protect you from rage, fear and sorrow by opening your heart to wisdom, warmth and joy.

Because its ultramarine colour resembles a starry sky, Lapis is known as a “Stone of Heaven” and is said to contain elements which existed before time was born. It is given as a token of friendship and truth, may be worn to improve memory and is said to bring harmony.

This delicate pink gemstone is named after its colour and is known a “Love Stone”. It is said to emit a powerful energy, gladdening the heart, hastening recovery from all ills and promoting friendship. Let this beautiful stone stimulate some love in your life!


This greenish marble is 600 million years old and was formed when molten limestone cooled in the Connemara Mountains on the West coast of Ireland. It is said to bring good Irish luck and is a stone of peace and honour, loyalty and friendship.

The fiery red colour is said to protect in times of danger, support in times of weakness and bring hope in times of despair. It is often given as a symbol of love and protection. Let it put some passion into your life and help to protect you from your fears!

Sometimes called Indian Jade, this green quartz is known as a “Brain Stone” but also has a strong connection with the heart. Let it bring excitement and success to your life and loves by energising your health and awakening your spirit!

Dyed blue to heighten their natural properties, these beads are often found on rosaries and make a useful travelling companion. This stone is said to be a stone of balance and precision, perception and protection. Let it bring you luck and courage, quietness and contentment.

This quartz gem is used as a talisman against depression and to protect one from all ills. It may also quieten a troubled spirit and bring inner strength by helping to focus and direct your mind. Let it help you to make wise decisions!

These are formed when a grain of sand transforms over time inside a molusc, into an organic, lustrous orb. Sometimes known as “Teardrops of the Moon”, pearls are associated with peace, purity and widsdom. Cooling and calming, they help to lift the spirits and are usually worn for love.

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