Here are handmade Celtic beads engraved with original Celtic knot patterns. I create these beads and buttons in solid pewter in my own workshops, here in rural West Wales. Now you can create your own Celtic jewellery using my beautiful beads and clasps!

Beads from the Celtic Bead Shop are unique. They look fabulous and feel valuable, beware of imitations…these bead designs are protected by “Design Right”. They are designed with love and the Celtic knots adorning them are my own versions of the artwork of the ancient Celts. Each knot is endless and interwoven, an enduring symbol of Eternity and a timely reminder of the interdependence of all things.

Annie would like to remind you that although the website is automated, she isn’t.
Everything is handmade , this takes time.

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    Try an assortment of our lovely Celtic beads, for your beard too?! Please note: Beads not shown actual size.
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    Beads with BIG holes, just perfect for beards. 5mm or 7mm, depending on the size of your beard. When your beard is beaded, please send me a picture! One small, black and free elastic with every beard bead purchased from this page! Click to see our gallery of Beard Beads Please note: Beard Beads not shown actual size.
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