Thanks so much for making such beautiful creations. There seems to be a power in them…

Thank you for my Beautiful beads, i received them this morning & as soon as they tumbled from the bag i knew i’d made the right choice buying them from you

My order arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!

They are beautiful beads. I got them for my husband who is at this moment playing with his beard. One happy man lol

Thank you for your wonderful product.  I had forgotten the quality of a real pewter bead over the mystery metal of Chinese beads.  The difference is significant!

I just got the beads and they are awesome!!!! Beautifully made and fast shipping! Thank you so much!!

All items sent are lovely, as I’ve come to expect.  I’m sure Josie will love her new agate jewellery 🙂

My order came today. And they are amazing. These are my first beard beads ever and I couldn’t be happier. And if you don’t mind me saying, never change what you do as it’s the small.
touches that topped this off for me in regards to the care of the packaging down the picture of the beads you create and the pouch to keep them safe. Very impressed and thank you so much.

You Gals are Amazing! If I lived closer, I would buy you a round!

I’m always super happy with the products I get from you. The beads are beautiful and I love your website. It’s easy to shop from and navigate and one of the most esthetically pleasing websites I know of. Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend:)

We took a naughty long weekend and your envelope was waiting for me upon return home late last night. As you predicted, I am delighted … and the earrings are just gorgeous! You are a wonderful find!!!

My Beard Beads came today and they look wicked on and they are so well made by your loving hands. Many thanks for delivering my awesome beads so quickly and the wee message inside is a delight.

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